Save Seil Sound was formed in 2011 to coordinate the 840 objections lodged by residents and visitors to a proposal to relocate and expand a fish farm to a site at Ardmaddy at the North end of Seil Sound.

The community were unsuccessful on that occasion but continued to campaign against the expansion of fish farms, in what is effectively one large sea loch comprising Seil, Shuna and Melfort, which even planning principles deem inappropriate.

Save Seil Sound also persuaded the European Commission to force a change to the rules about disposal of toxic waste, which can no longer be dumped on landfill sites, following a catastrophic accident at Ardmaddy.

Save Seil Sound were a key member of the original team, integral to achieving the designation of Scotland’s first Hope Spot in 2019.  In 2020, Save Seil Sound came to the decision that the time had come for the group to be wound up, having successfully met the aims that led to their inception.

Save Seil Sound’s former lead member, Ewan Kennedy, is still active as an advisor to the Hope Spot team and can be found at West Coast Matters.